Also known as Captain Import Export BBQ Supplies, we provide the highest quality goods and services to customers all around Australia. Fronted by Captain Chris, an expert in the BBQ industry with decades of experience and offering only the highest quality service to all customers. Our products are genuine, authentic and stand the test of time.

Woodfire Ovens
Imported directly from Europe, boasting authenticity and quality. Suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. Tiling and styling options available.

BBQ Spits & Rotisseries
Hand-made BBQ spit rotisseries in varying shapes and sizes that offer automatic rotation, adjustable skewer height with high quality materials. Offered with skewers, motors and more.

All your BBQ accessory needs, including BBQ charcoal, skewer sets, prongs, cooking grills and more.

Custom Kitchens
Our team of experts can custom fit woodfire ovens, pizza ovens, BBQ spits and rotisseries in any backyard, kitchen, cafe, restaurant or pizza shop. Our products can be customised to fit in a wide range of settings and spaces. 

Authentic Products

Our products are hand-made using the highest quality components and European craftsmanship.

Custom Kitchens

We offer custom kitchens for backyards, restaurants, cafes, pizza shops and more.

Highest Quality

Durable, high quality materials used in all of our products to ensure long lasting use.

Super Service

Installation and delivery available, quickly and easily, making our purchases hassle free.
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