Unlimited Filtered Water – Filtration System Reverse Osmosis Series 5000 PCF

Unlimited filtered water, reverse osmosis system. Reliable, sturdy and long lasting.



Ultra Pure Reverse Osmosis System Series 5000 PCF
The perfect source for the highest quality drinking water.

Our exclusive six stage process includes the following:
1. Five micron dirt and rust filtration

2. Activated carbon pre-filter

3. Ultra filtration

4. Reverse Osmosis

5. Prolonged contact carbon filtration

6. Final deioniser resin cartridge

This powerful combination of filtration techniques gives the Series 5000 PCF the ability to effectively reduce the undesirable chemicals that may be found in tap water, including total dissolved solids (TDS) and salts like sodium and chlorides. No ordinary filter system can make this claim! The Series 5000 PCF gives you the freshest, cleanest water available for a difference you will taste.

Engineered to meet the demands of today’s household needs and family lifestyles. The Reverse Osmosis System combines the latest in contemporary styling with compact, high-performance design.

Lead free connections with 100% corrosion proof design. Australian approved housings.

High flow delivery line and long reach faucet fills containers faster and easier.

Advanced automatic shut-off assures peak efficiency and water conservation.

Each system factory tested and sanitised for superior performance and peace of mind.

Space saving design:
Compact design easily fits under your sink leaving ample room for additional storage.

Designer long reach faucet:
Conveniently delivers delicious, clean water at your fingertips.

Durable high capacity reservoir tank:
Extra large 19 litre storage tank ensures an abundant water supply..

Automatic shut-off valve:
System shuts off when tank is full for optimal water conservation.

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