Long 2 Prong Forks for Rotisserie BBQ Spit

2-prong fork set designed to help keep meat sturdy and in place whilst cooking on the rotisserie spit. Easy to use and clean.



2 prong fork set made from durable stainless steel material. Designed to help keep the meat from free spinning when rotating on the rotisserie spit.

Suits skewers up to 22mm.

Wide range of rotisserie prongs available in all shapes and sizes. Rotisserie prongs are suitable for cooking large, difficult pieces of meat on the skewers.

Prong forks suitable for all skewer sizes and can support heavy meat with strong support and strength. Prong forks are easily setup by pushing the prongs onto the skewer and into place with the meat.

Different prongs are also available for larger cooking needs. Available for chicken, lamb, legs, pig, duck, turkey, whole chicken, whole pigs and more.

Options include: 8mm, 10mm, square shaft, round shaft, suitable for different skewer sizes.

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